Project SHORT is here to provide you with the resources to be a prepared mentor and applicant. These have been compiled from our community of 1000+ mentors across the diverse STEM fields we serve. If you have resources you think would be helpful to share on this page, please contact Alison Chung to discuss.

General Resources

A few things are common across both graduate and medical schools. Below are resources to support your personal growth as a mentor, find paid research opportunities during the summer, and improve your writing skills. Continue scrolling down for more specific resources for the application process.

Being in graduate or medical school is not easy. Below is a brief list of some mental health resources.

Here is a large list of summer research programs assembled by our network of mentors and mentees.

Summer Program Database

Applicant Resources

Medical School

Below you will find a list of resources to help you prepare for applying to MD, DO, or MD/PhD programs.

Graduate School

Below are resources focused on applying and preparing for graduate school, including Master's, PhD, and other programs.

Application Info

CV and Resume

Personal Statements

Interview Advice

Funding Resources

What to Do Once Accepted

Job Opportunities before Applying