Mentee FAQs

Q: Does Project SHORT have mentors in [this field]?

A: Probably! We have a diverse pool of mentors from many fields of STEM. Check out the full list here.

Q: I am applying to master's programs. Should I apply via the Pre-Health or Pre-Grad application forms?

A: All masters students should apply via the Pre-Grad mentee application.

Q: I am applying to a dual-degree program. Should I fill out the Pre-Health or Pre-Grad Application?

A: For dual-degree programs with one or multiple Pre-Health components (eg MD/PhD, DO/PhD), applications should be submitted through the Pre-Health Application.

Q: Does not filling out a particular question hurt my chances of being paired with a mentor?

A: No - while filling out more questions may help us better match you, we strive to pair each applicant as best as possible.

Q: I haven’t heard back for [x amount of time] since submitting my application. Does this mean my application was rejected? Should I follow up?

A: We try our best to match applicants in a timely fashion; however, sometimes matching may be delayed due to the availability of our mentors. If you have not heard back from our team in 2 weeks or more, please feel free to reach out at contact@project-short.com.

Q: I haven’t heard back from my mentor for [x amount of time.] What should I do?

A: Our mentors are busy! That being said, if you have sent a follow-up email and haven’t heard back in 72 business hours, please reach out to pre-grad@project-short.com or pre-health@project-short.com (depending on your degree program).

Q: How soon before my cycle starts can I apply for mentorship?

A: We offer mentorship up to 2 years before the start of your cycle (e.g. individuals applying for the 2022-2023 cycle may apply in 2020); however, the majority of our mentees apply a few months before applications open up for their respective degree programs

Q: Is there a deadline to apply for Project SHORT Mentorship?

A: No - our mentorship program operates on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Q: Can I get mentoring from mentors from [specific university]?

A: We will try our best to match you with a mentor who is appropriate for your needs; however, we cannot guarantee pairing with a mentor from a specific university/program.

Q: How do mock interviews differ from the mentor matching process?

A: Mock interviews are intended to supplement the mentorship you are getting from your primary mentor. In other words, mentors who may be helping you with your mock interview practice usually do not serve as your primary mentor.

Q. What if I’m not sure what program(s) I want to apply for?

A: That’s totally fine, the application process can be overwhelming! Just take your best guess and remember that the more specific you are in the application, the better we are able to make a good match.

Q. Should I apply using the pregrad or prehealth application if I am applying to MPH programs?

A: If you are applying to an MPH program (alone, and NOT as part of a dual degree), please submit the Pregrad application. If you applying to MPH programs as part of a concurrent dual degree program (MD/MPH, DO/MPH, etc), please submit the Prehealth application. If you applying to MPH before attending medical school (MD, DO), then please submit a Pregrad application for the MPH and a Prehealth application for the medical school side

Mentor FAQs

Q: I haven’t heard from my mentee in [x amount of time]. What should I do?

A: If you have not heard back from your mentee in over a week, we ask that you first try sending a follow up email. If there is still no response within 72 hours, reach out to our team. We will reach out to the mentee informing them that they have been removed from our database and will do our best to re-match you, if possible.

Q: How many mentees can I take on as a mentor?

A: There is no limit to the number of mentees a mentor can take on; however, on average, most mentors wind up working with 1-2 mentees at a time.

Q: Where should I look for resources on mentoring or if I have specific questions?

A: For pregrad, in the initial onboarding email, you should have received a mentoring handbook. Please direct any other questions to the Project SHORT Slack (PhD or general channel).

Q: If I’m having issues with my mentoring my mentee, who should I contact?

A: Please contact pregrad@project-short.com for grad mentees and prehealth@project-short.com for prehealth mentees.

Q: I’m having issues accessing my Google Drive folder. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact pregrad@project-short.com for grad mentees and prehealth@project-short.com for prehealth mentees.

Q: When and how does mentoring end?

A: Mentoring formally ends when a cycle is over (for most programs, around April 30th). However, we encourage you to keep in touch with your mentee throughout their graduate school training and career!

Q: What are my responsibilities as a mentor?

A: Mentor responsibilities and Terms of Service are laid out in our Guidelines and Terms of Agreement, which are sent to mentors during onboarding.

For Pre-Grad Mentors:

Q: I signed up to be a mentor but haven’t been matched. Is there anything I need to do to get a mentee?

A:  If you have filled out an application form and received an onboarding email from us, you’re all set. Mentor-mentee matches are dependent on mentee availability and their indicated fields of interest. We will contact you if we find a good match for you, however, mentors are not guaranteed a match.

Q: Where do I indicate/report if I’ve completed mentoring a student?

A: For pregrad, in the “Grad School Applicant Spreadsheet”, check off column F.  

Q: How should I let Project SHORT know that I’m ready to take on another mentee?

A: We always assume that mentors are open to taking more mentees unless we are told otherwise. We will reach out if a good match is available, but this is entirely dependent on our mentee applicants.

Q: How often should I update the PhD Applicant Spreadsheet?

A: We recommend using the Applicant Spreadsheet as a way of keeping track of where you’re at with your mentee; however, its use is not mandatory, and we do not check it. Feel free to use it as it is useful for you.