Danica Lee

University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University



Danica is originally from New Jersey and is an incoming MD-PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University MSTP. She graduated from Cornell University in 2020 and did two years of research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Danica plans to complete her PhD in Immunology/Microbiology. She is interested in studying the intersections between the immune system and gut microbiome, understanding how host-pathogen interactions at mucosal barriers contribute to autoimmunity, and evaluating potential targets for therapeutic immunomodulation. In her free time, Danica loves singing, listening to live music, baking, reading, exploring cities and new restaurants with friends, and taking care of her (very old) cat. Danica is passionate about improving mentorship and advocacy for LGBTQ+ folks and women of color and hopes to ultimately focus her career on bridging biomedical research advancements with medical care in a way that prioritizes the health and cultural well-being of communities.

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