Christopher Dasaro




Chris is a Long Island native with his B.S in Neuroscience/Molecular Neuropharmacology from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He has extensive interdisciplinary research experience, specifically with an independent focus on molecular neuroscience and the socio-pharmacology of illicit drugs. Outside of the lab, he is a medaled NCAA Track & Field athlete, community organizer (focusing in on disparities in education and access to food), and has studied abroad in Copenhagen where he narrowed in on gender and class disparities in European medicine. Having served as a Resident Advisor and Hall Director for three years, Chris is well-versed in helping students of unique and sometimes challenging backgrounds. He also started a podcast called the CardinalMed Podcast, which sought to provide insight to students pursuing a career in medicine. Before continuing his medical career at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, Chris will pursue molecular neuropharmacology research at NINDS/NIH. Tangentially, Chris loves to write poetry, travel, read, run, and explore varying types of music (from Fleetwood Mac to Chet Atkins).

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