Angela Dahiya

Virginia Tech

Psychology (clinical)


Angela Dahiya, M.S., is a 4th year Ph.D Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Virginia Tech. Before beginning her doctoral training, she completed her B.A. in Psychology at UC Davis and her M.A. in Psychology at Pepperdine University. She worked as a researcher and clinician for two years at various clinics and labs at UCLA before applying to Ph.D. programs, focusing her work on parenting and family environments in children with ASD and other comorbid conditions. Her dissertation research, which is funded by the Virginia Tech ICTAS (Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Sciences) Doctoral Scholars fellowship, focuses on the novel use of technology to improve services and reduce barriers to care for underserved and marginalized populations, especially for parents of children with ASD and behavioral difficulties. Angela is happy to mentor students in any part of the application process, from better understanding how to develop a solid program of research or clinical work to reviewing personal statements and essays. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and trying new foods, and cuddling with her dog, and traveling whenever she can (pre-COVID). You can also find her on Twitter at

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