Amanda Cremone-Caira

Assumption University



Amanda Cremone-Caira is tenure-track faculty in the Department of Psychology at Assumption University - a small, liberal arts college located in Worcester, MA (about 1 hour west of Boston). Amanda earned her PhD in Neuroscience & Behavior from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she studied the role of sleep on cognition in young children under the direction of Drs. Rebecca Spencer and Jennifer McDermott. After completing her degree, she earned a postdoctoral research fellowship at Boston Children's Hospital / Harvard Medical school where she worked with Drs. Susan Faja and Chuck Nelson to explore biomarkers of cognitive and socioemotional outcomes in young children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, autism). Amanda also has experience teaching undergraduate courses in Psychology and mentoring/advising undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. In her position at Assumption, Amanda's research program combines cognitive electrophysiology (EEG, ERP) with behavioral tasks to understand the impact of biopsychosocial factors on cognitive development. As a first generation college student, Amanda is passionate about research mentorship and both personal and professional development.

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