Alina Tiemroth

UC Berkeley



Alina Tiemroth is a first-year PhD student in the University of California, Berkeley Neuroscience Graduate Program. She is excited by the emerging field of regenerative neurobiology, and aims to combine her interests in neurogenetics and synthetic biology through her graduate research. Alina graduated from Tulane University a B.S. in Neuroscience (2022). At Tulane, she researched the genetic guides of cortical development with Dr. Maria Galazo. She was also active in Tulane iGEM, an international synthetic biology organization, where she worked with a large team of undergraduates to expand CRISPR-Cas multiplexing capabilities. Outside of the lab, Alina enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, cooking up new recipes, and hiking around the Bay Area. Having applied to graduate school during her senior year of college, she is a great resource for those looking to go straight from undergrad into a PhD.

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