Alejandra Reinoso

Northwestern University

Psychology (developmental)


Alejandra is a first year Ph.D. student in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Ph.D. program at Northwestern University. She was awarded a Cognitive Science Fellowship from Northwestern’s Cognitive Science Program. Alejandra graduated Magna Cum Laude from SUNY Purchase with a B.A. in Psychology. At SUNY Purchase, Alejandra also received a certificate in Early Childhood Development. She is particularly interested in investigating early language development in Spanish-English bilingual children. Alejandra also seeks to understand how early language contexts in low-income bilingual families impact school readiness and later developmental outcomes. After undergrad, Alejandra interned at the Computational Cognitive Development Lab at Rutgers University, and then joined NYU’s Neurolinguistics Lab as the project manager of the NYU KidLang Project. Outside the lab you can find Alejandra watching Grey’s Anatomy, reading a good book, trying new dishes, or exploring the city with friends. ​

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