PhD Panel Summary

What to Expect in Your First Year: A Project SHORT Panel for PhD Students

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, we hosted our second PhD panel, this time on the topic of what to expect in the first year of your PhD. Grad school is a whole new experience, and while it’s super exciting, it can also be pretty anxiety inducing! We had a great discussion that hopefully (and according to the feedback we got) put our mentees a bit more at ease, if only because they realized that everyone has felt similar feelings and we’ve all survived!  

We had a lively and content-packed discussion, with our panelists answering some questions from the moderator (that’s me) as well as many from the audience. Below I’ve attempted to organize their words of wisdom:

Imposter Syndrome

Choosing a lab/PI

Working with a new advisor


Research Funding


DEI in Academia

Pursuing an alt-ac career

Work-life balance and time off

Social life

Managing a long-distance relationship

Moving to a new place

Personal finances


Parting words of wisdom