Hannah Loo

Executive Director

Hannah is a Neuroscience PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania! Project SHORT (Students for Higher-Ed Opportunities and Representation in Training) began with a vision to provide mentorship and resources for students from smaller liberal arts schools like her alma mater, SUNY Geneseo (and also she's 4' 11 3/4" so the name felt apt). Her passion lies in creating change, and supporting underperforming and underserved populations. As she pursues graduate studies, she hopes to continue creating platforms that enable the development of creativity and innovation. A little bit about her: Hannah was born and raised in NYC, and currently studies glia-glia interactions in demyelinating disorders in the Orthmann-Murphy lab. Outside of Project SHORT, she has her degree in Vocal Performance, competes as an Olympic weightlifter, and is involved in her local church.



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